East Co-Op Delivery Schedule

Orders must be placed by Sunday October 25 for October delivery.

Payment must be received by Sunday November 1

Our next delivery will be in 11 weeks (January).


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Albany, NY

225 Church Street, Albany

Sunday 11/8/20 - approx. 6:00pm

Future Deliveries: 1/24/21 ( 11 weeks)

Delivery Fee: no

Binghamton, NY

Love's Travel Stop, 2 Industrial Park Dr, Binghamton

Saturday 11/7/20 - 12:00pm

Future Deliveries: 1/23/21 (11 weeks)

Minimum order required

Danbury, CT

Connecticut Welcome Center, I-84 and Exit 2, Danbury, CT

Sunday 11/8/20 - approx.1pm

Future deliveries: 1/24/21 (11 weeks)

Delivery Fee:no

Hawthorne, NJ (Mahwah)

Short Line Bus Terminal, 4 Leisure Lane, Mahwah, NJ

Drop location is directly across from terminal 

Saturday 11/7/20 6:30pm

Future Deliveries: 1/23/21 (11 weeks)

Delivery Requirements: all orders must be pre-paid and there will be a 30% restocking fee for any orders not picked up

Lindenhurst, NY (Long Island)

lot behind LA Fitness , 455 Park Ave, Lindenhurst, NY

Sunday 11/8/20 at 8:30/9:00/9:30

Future Deliveries: 1/24/21 (11 weeks)

Delivery Fee: no

Middletown, NY (Montgomery)

T/A Maybrook, 125 Neelytown Rd, Montgomery, NY

Saturday 11/7/20 3:30pm

Future Deliveries: 1/23/21 (11 weeks)

Delivery Fee: no

Scranton, PA*


98 Grove Street, Dupont, PA

Saturday 11/7/20 - 1:30pm

Future Deliveries: 1/23/21 ( 11 weeks)

Minimum order required

Springfield, MA (Chickapee)

Exit 6 off Mass. Tpke (90) at Tandem Trailer parking lot before you get to Johnny Cake Hollow Rd (Rt 291), Chickapee, MA

Sunday 11/8/20 - approx. 3:45pm

Future deliveries: 1/24/21 (11 weeks)

Delivery Fee: no

Syracuse, NY

West Park and Ride, Exit 39 if coming off of Rt 90 and it's Exit 1 off of 690

Saturday 11/7/20 - 9:00am and 9:30am

Future Deliveries: 1/23/21 (11 weeks)

Minimum order required

West Hartford, CT (Milldale)

TA Southington, 1875 Meridian-Waterbury Turnpike, Milldale, CT

Sunday 11/8/20 - approx. 2:15pm

Future Deliveries: 1/24/21 (11 weeks)

Delivery Fee: no

White Plains, NY

701 Westchester Ave, White Plains, NY  off of William L Butcher Bridge in the turn-in of the parking lot across from 701 Westchester Ave

Sunday 11/8/20 - approx 11:45am

Future deliveries: 1/24/21 (11 weeks)

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  • Co-op courtesy:

  • All customers must pre-pay through Paypal or Venmo  to farmdograw@yahoo.com

  • There is a 15% re-stocking fee for orders not picked up. 

  • Our truck leaves at 4:00 pm on Friday for weekend deliveries!

  • When paying please include your order # and/or the pick up site. Checks should be mailed to Kelly Verbridge, 6855 E. Townline Rd, Williamson, NY   14589

  • Please remember that if you are late to your pick up you make us late for every other pick up that day.  Please be courteous and be on time. 

  • If you are unable to use our order form just email your order to ordersfarmdograw@gmail.com.

  • If you do not receive an email confirmation we have not received your order!   Please Contact us...

  • If you have not subscribed we are unable to send you delivery locations and time notifications. Times and dates are available on the co op page of the website and will be set after the order deadline.

  • Please ONLY contact us through ordersfarmdograw@gmail.com. We are not responsible for facebook messages or texts.

  • Please check the website for time changes and make sure that we have the cell phone of the person making the pick up. 

  • Ordering late, changing or cancelling your order at the last minute is the number one cause of order errors. 

  • We expect you to reimburse us the $30 bank charge if your check does not clear.