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Why Feed Raw ???

There are many reasons why you should feed your pets an all raw food diet.


The following are some of the benefits that your pet will experience. Raw pet food helps keep fur soft and shiny and your pet will have less body odor. They will have healthier skin and skin allergies will improve and often vanish. Fresher breath, cleaner teeth, eyes brighten up and clear up, fluid in ears will disappear are all benefits of feeding a raw diet. The heart and muscle mass will strengthen, hydration increases, along with higher energy levels, exuberant physical strength and enthusiam. It will give your pets defined muscle tone. Feeding raw helps your pet age less quickly, free them of degenerative diseases and strengthen the immune systems to resist viruses, bacteria and parasites. The natural enzymes in raw pet food helps in digestion; stools reduce in size and become more biodegradable. Fewer fertility and birthing issues and helps mothers give birth to healthy pups. Pups will grow slowly which allow bones to mature properly. A raw food diet helps reduce the incidence of arthritis in pets. The actual benefit experience will vary depending on the species, breed and health of your pet. Make the switch to give your pet the longest, healthiest and happiest life possible. We supply all the ingredients for your own dog food mixture.

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